If you don’t find the answer to your question here, do contact me directly; I would love to hear from you. Telephone: +44 (0)7502 002427 or drop an email to info @ aldecustom.co.uk 

If I want some changes to the standard jeans on your website – is that possible?
It certainly is.  Most of my work is custom-made:  the jeans available on the website are just a small selection of what I can do.  If you have any specific requirements do get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

How can I request changes when I place an order?
If there is anything specific you would like changed on your jeans, please contact me before placing your order.  For instance, if you would like a wider or narrower leg opening, or slightly more ease through the thigh or even the stitching in a different colour, that is all possible – just let me know in advance.

Can I visit your studio to try on jeans?
Yes, I’d be delighted to see you at the studio.  As I am a one-man business I may not be there all the time.  Please contact me to arrange an appointment – you can either email or telephone me. Telephone: +44 (0)7502 002427 or email me via the ‘contact’ page

Do you make made-to-measure jeans?
I can make full made-to-measure jeans if you visit my studio in person.  I will need to take measurements and discuss your requirements.  Unfortunately this cannot be done remotely as I need to understand how you want your jeans to fit and also assess your body shape.  Full made-to-measure jeans start at £375 depending on what denim and additional styling details you choose.
Usually, a fully made-to-measure pair is not always necessary as I can make adjustments to the standard fit in order to get a pair that meet your requirements.  This is also a much more cost-effective solution.

I have checked my favourite jeans against your size charts and they measure slightly different – can you make me a pair to my specific measurements?
If you have a favourite pair that fit you well, I can usually transpose the measurements to one of my blocks which will give you a pretty close copy.  Please note they will not be an exact replica as this would require me to draft a new pattern from scratch which is a time-consuming (and therefore costly) process and would be considered a ‘made-to-measure’ order.

Do you repair jeans?
Yes.  Jeans are repaired with a Singer 47w70 darning machine.  If it is a hole or crotch ‘blow-out’ this will be darned with a tonal thread to blend into the surrounding fabric – the darning re-builds the fabric for a strong repair without the need for a patch.  The cost will depend on the size of the repair but contact me and I can give you an estimate.
Alde Custom jeans will be repaired free of charge excluding P&P.

Where are you located?
My studio is located in Earl Soham, Suffolk, England, just outside the market town of Framlingham and about 20mins drive from Woodbridge.If you would like to visit – please contact me beforehand to arrange an appointment.

Do your jeans shrink?
Almost all the denim I use is Sanforized.  This is a mechanical process that compresses the fabric to counter the natural shrinkage of the denim.  You will find the jeans will grow a little in the horizontal direction (across the hips and waist) but will shrink a little in the length when first washed.  Depending on how you like your jeans to fit, it is generally best to buy your normal size, which should feel slightly snug when you first put them on.  Raw denim fabric will feel a little stiff at first but will soon soften and ‘mould’ to you body shape after wearing a couple of times.

I always test each batch of denim I receive for shrinkage and will add enough length to the legs to allow for the shrinkage in the first wash.  This is normally around one inch, to one-and-a-half inches.  Your jeans will therefore arrive a little longer than the leg length you requested.  If you prefer not to cuff your jeans then either turn the excess up inside the leg or give the jeans a gentle soak in cold water, which should take out most of the shrinkage.  If you would like me to rinse the jeans for you before shipping – then let me know (there is no charge for this service).

I want to be able to cuff my jeans – what leg length should I buy?
Decide how deep you would like your cuff to be – measure this and add it to your inside leg measurement.  As mentioned above, jeans will arrive with an allowance for shrinkage but this will, of course disappear after washing.  Still not sure?  Then do please contact me for advice.

Most of your jeans are ‘made-to-order’ – how long will it take for me to get my order?
It usually takes around two weeks to complete an order.  However, I aim to keep at least one of each popular size and fabric in stock, in which case, I will aim to dispatch them within 48 hours.  I will always give you an estimated delivery date soon after your order is placed.  If the waiting time is too long you can of course cancel your order and received a full refund.  Your card will be charged when you place your order.

How do I know they will fit?
Alde Custom  jeans are pretty true to size – you only need to decide which fit you prefer.  To be absolutely sure, I would recommend that you check the size guide (relating to the fit you have chosen) against a good fitting pair of jeans you already own.  Even if you only check the waistband size that alone should be a good guide as to which size to buy.  The measurements on the size-guides are garment measurements and not body measurements.  You can see my ‘how to measure’ instructions here

Do you do stretch jeans?

No.  All my fabrics are the traditional ridged type.  Stretch denim does not wear in the same way as ridged denim and does not have the same lifespan.

Do you make jeans for Women?
At the moment I only make men’s jeans.  Women do buy and wear my men’s jeans – the slim fit looks particularly good.

I don’t like a button-fly – can you do a zip?
Definitely.  Just request this when placing your order.  I always use genuine YKK jeans zips